Windows 7 laptop won't start, Can't install any other OS

So, Not to long ago my windows 7 laptop started to act up, Going real slow, about half an hour later i got tired of it, and restarted the thing, it then brought up a message telling me to check the disk or something, Doing this did nothing and it failed to start.

after a few restarts that screen didn't come up and a new screen came up telling me a recent hardware change might of been the issue, I had no usbs, sd cards, or anything really connected to the pc.

No problem, I thought i could just restore it to factory defaults, put in my repair disk and did just that, but it got stuck, at around 7% doing the restore over yielded the same result, 7% every time.

waiting 20 minutes did nothing. so i decided to run startup repair. Doing so brought up yet another error. saying startup repair could not repair this computer automatically.

clicking show problem details said the problem event name was startuprepairoffiline. installing other os's either get stuck during the install or bring up a blue screen. the pc itself isn't making strange noises or anything, temperatures are normal. Please help!


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Can you get into safemode? If so, run any malware, spyware or adware software you have, doing full system scans. Once that is done run sfc /scannow in and elevated command prompt. This will repair any missing or corrupted system files.

Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

Can't get into safe mode because it doesn't give me that option, and in the boot manager when it asks to select my OS pressing f8 for advanced options gives the same black screen as if i had tried to start the pc normally, and running sfc /scannow works, but it says it detected a problem that i had to restart to fix. it told me after restarting to run it again. doing so did nothing and it gave the same message as if i never ran it in the first place.

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