Windows 7 Libraries.......Satan's Span or Love Child?


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Hello, Can someone please explain Windows 7 Libraries to me? It seems it is saving all my work in several places. I do not understand '2 locations' and a couple of times it shows '3 locations'? And even another location if I opened it up to 'The Public'. As well, there is an addtional folder with my desktop under my user name but it is not a shortcut or doesn't show as a shortcut to the eye. I do not deal with the user name folder on my desktop. I enter everything I save from the Folder Icon in my traybar, to me, a true shortcut. I open it and navigate to the precise folder from there. But then all my saves show up in the username folder on my desktop. Saving things to the desktop, in my mind is not clean and tidy. It really bugs me to no end that my files are scattered all over hell's half-acre(drama) on my computer. Are all these locations duplicating precious hard-drive space in Windows 7? If so, what is after Terabyte? Sometimes I save one item in 2 places but I physically, mentally want to be the one to place it there.

This maybe should be under Windows OS forum? Thank you everyone for all your terrific help on this forum.

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I have read up some on Windows Libraries. However, I still believe Windows 7 is using extra hard-drive space to store things in more than one place, even 3 and 4 places. Why do I need so many places?

Hi. Incorrect belief.

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