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Paul Vickers

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I want to lock down a user account so that the user is very limited on what they can see or do but I want the user account to remain part of the administrator group.

Now I know how to do this via 'local group policy' within W7 but I want the ability to turn the restrictions to the user account on or off quickly e.g.(via running a script file or somthing). rather than having to untick / tick 100's of check boxes each time.

P.s poledit back in the day used to be good for this so something like that but obviously for windows 7 :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Vickers

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Just thought I'll let you all know that I found a way around my problem.

I used this article here for reference:
Local Group Policies - Apply to All Users Except Administrators

However I selected a specific user rather than a group. I then went to C:\windows\system32\Group Policy users (hidden folder) copied and renamed the gpt.ini to gpt.ini_Off and the regestry.pol file to regestry.pol_off.

I then proceeded to setup my restrictive policy to the user account. Once finished I created another back up of the same files (gpt.ini_on and registry.pol_On).

Now by writing a little bat file to copy the relevant files in place you have the ability to either apply the policy or completely remove it from the specified user account depending on your requirements.

Ps. You can achieve a similar thing following the guide mentioned above for policies applied to the non administrators group. Once you have setup the policy you can turn it off or on for any non administrator by simply writing a script that add a user to the administrators group. Granted I accept there might be long term concerns by using this method hence the reason I didn't use it but it worth knowing.

hope this is useful to someone Link Removed - Invalid URL

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