Windows 7 Log in / Profile & Desktop problems

Hola, first post on here so if I havent followed a particular rule before posting I apologise.

I've had this laptop for 4/5 months or so and its my first W7 platform.

Occasionally I got a few error messages when I was logging in, saying that cannot load profile and sometimes it wouldn't get to my desktop, sometimes it would.

I then realised that my start menu was always automatically clearing itself and my quick launch/pinning was not available anymore. Various other issues such as not being able to unlock taskbar, not being able to select all files/folders from tools, no idea how to diagnose that but it seems to be relative to security?

I decided to create a new profile and copy all my files over that I needed. 2 weeks later it happens again :(

Any ideas why this happens?


Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forums.
Please download and install Spybot Search and Destroy don't install TeaTimer, after the install launch the program and make sure you perform the updates to get the latest signature database. Then close the program. Then download and install MalwareBytes Anti Malware
Same deal, perform the updates to get the latest signature database. Then close the program.
Reboot the computer into Safe Mode then start and run both programs (you can run them simultaneously) remove everything they find and see if that improves the problem at all.

Hiya Trouble, thanks for the welcome.

Had both of them programs installed already so just had to update. Done both in safe mode but only S&D found 3 items which were all cookie browsers, which were deleted.

No change sadly :(

Any other recommendations?


Noob Whisperer
I usually suspect some type of software acting badly when this type of user profile corruption seems to be occuring consistently but the problem can also be caused by a physical problem as well. Trying using chkdsk with the /R switch and let it complete all five stages and see if that produces any results and then hit it with defrag a couple times.

Hiya Trouble.

I done the chkdsk and it seemed to complete without any issues, it goes all too fast for me to determine if it fixed anything though.

Last night was a bad night with the computer, it crashed a few times and lots of errors messages when rebooting and even when I tried to search for something in the start menu search function it gave me a few errors messages.

I've got my pinned taskbar items back for the meantime and I cant access IE8 options which I couldnt do.

Also it was not running defrag properly, well I dont think so anyway. It would analyse and begin to defrag and then just stop.

Not entirely confident it wont happen to me all over again though :(

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