Windows 7 login dont show up just black screen


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Hi All Windows7Forums member,

I have some problem after install ubuntu alongside my windows 7.
After I installing ubuntu, when I want to use my windows 7, when came to login area (because I place password on my account), it dont show nothing, just black screen with cursor, I tried it with safe mode and I can login but its dont work in normal mode. My friend said its maybe driver problem, then I try repair using my Windows 7 DVD and also start my windows with setting "Start with last known good configuration (i dont remember full) but the problem dont solve. I dont know what to do now, please help me entering my Windows 7 back. :(

p/s : my problem is same like this thread :-
i just follow his method but it's dont working to me..

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Hi shahril, just to get things straight: Windows 7 was working perfectly, then you installed Ubuntu in dual boot. Now Ubuntu works fine but you can't log in to Windows 7 because you don't see a login screen. Did I understand the problem correctly?

Do you have a Windows 7 install disk?


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Yes you correct, or maybe my case because last i'm using Windows 7 i dont shutdown properly..

Yes, I have Windows 7 installation disk..

Which version of Ubuntu did you install?


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Ubuntu 12.04.1 (Precise Pangolin) - the latest one..

Which solution did you try from the post you linked?


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Yes, i have try to using repair option from Windows 7 DVD but it's didn't work, I also try to enter windows with "Last known good configuration" and also didn't work. But can't do restore point because she (windows 7 disk) said i dont have any restore point..

did you try checking the msconfig flag in safe mode?


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this one i dont know and i haven't do that, and how to check it ?

There's a pretty detailed explanation in the post you linked...


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ok, my problem is solved now, my windows can normally boot now, but I have another problem, by the way, thank you :)

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