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Apr 20, 2009
I have just connected a windows 7 pc to my domain and encountered a small problem with my login script.
The script is a VB script and it connects the drives just as it should but the line:
"shellObj.NameSpace(driveLetter).Self.Name = drvName", which in windows xp renames the drive after mapping it, doesn't do anything in windows 7. Does anyone know what to do? also, does anyone have any good tips on documentation concerning windows 7 scripting?
Hi there,

I got the same problem here. It doesnt run..
The script is pushed by an GPO. If i run the script manual it works but it wont show me the names the script must give it, only the mapping works.

For example: mapschijf "G", "\\pfil01i\data$", "Bedrijfsdata" < It wont show Bedrijfsdata...
Its a Windows 2008 DC.
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