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    No free memory i could say.
    Okay let`s start with de begining.
    I`ve had installed the free RC1 win7 from Microsoft site in june or july, i don`t know exactly. Everything worked fine till now.
    Everytime when my computer starts, the utorrent stars too, i had no problem having it running in background, but now if utorent is open my laptop is useless. I`ve got no free ram, in the other hand i have AVAILABLE ram, shown in the picture above, i bearely can move my mouse cursor, if i stop the wireless connection stops and works fine, if i turn it on the same thing.
    After computer starts up if i don`t open any application and check task manager i have Cached Memory around 600 and Free Memory ~500, after that the memory cache raises and free memory decrease till 0-10
    I can feel that is running slowly when i`m running more applications, like office, mozilla, totalcmd, oulook, no uttorent.

    How can i get more free memory and how to manage it ?

    My computer spec
    Inter Core2Duo
    2GB ram ddr2 557mhz
    160GB ram
    11,7 GB free on disk C.

    Any help is wellcomed :)
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