Windows 7 Menu Bars/Right Clicks come down to the left! need to fix!

Couldn't really find anything through google, so I thought I might as well come here.
It might be a little hard to explain, but... well it seems like after a Windows Update for today whenever I click any of the tabs on the menu bar (i.e. File, Edit, View, Tools, etc.) instead of normally having them drop down to the right, it does this...

A picture is much easier to explain. So it goes to the left direction rather than the right (if that makes sense, well either way you can tell from the picture that it doesn't look right.)
The same sort of thing happens whenever I right click on the desktop or blank space- the menu will go to the left- alwwys.

This has nothing to do with maximizing the window, which won't solve anything. Same thing goes if its near the edge of the screen or in the center, where ever. I've looked in Folder Options and areas like that, but to no avail have I found a solution. I even uninstalled the windows updates that I assumed may have caused this, but that didn't do anything (so i put them back).

So any clues on this problem? I'd prefer a solution other than "system restore" which many other sources have suggested.
Thanks in advance!

Fixing Menus

If you go to the tablet pc settings in control panel there will be the option for right or left handed useres. If you choose to be left handed this should solve the problem.

I have the same problem and have searched (so far in vain) for a solutio. I tried the tablet settings as suggested by the previous answer but no joy. Does anyone have an answer as this is difficut for me to fix.



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Sorry if this is a little late. Maybe your problem is now solved? But:
By a Registry edit:

Open regedit.( type regedit in the search line and press enter) If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes.
Scroll to this location :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
Now! I have put these two instructions tn the reverse order from your problem(s), as you may need to write in the string value if it is not present.

To get Menus to open to the Left :

In the right pane, right click on a empty space and click on New and String Value. Type MenuDropAlignment and press enter.
If you find you already have MenuDropAlignment, then, in the right pane, right click on MenuDropAlignment and click on Modify.
Type 1 and click on OK.

To Have Menus Open to the Right:

In the right pane, right click on MenuDropAlignment and click on Delete and Yes.
Close regedit.
You must, either, Log off and log on, or restart the computer to apply.

If you are not confortable with editing the registry, I have attached the two appropriate .reg files which you can run instead. They will modify the registry for you.

View attachment 6233

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