Windows 7 messing up my music collection

While upgrading to windows 7, a large portion my music collection got all messed up. The first few seconds of a song are switched with parts of another songs. Sound files from a game (CIV4) are mixed in too, its not just music from my library.

Right now I have several hundred screwed up songs, is there any way to fix this? It didn't happen to all the songs on my PC, only around 25%.

Any help would be appreciated. :(


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The problem you're describing doesn't seem to be caused by Windows 7 ;)
Have you tried playing the songs on another computer, another media player?

Yes, I've tried VLC, Quicktime/Itunes, GOM player and Winamp as well as Foobar 2K.

There was no issues before the switch, then immediately after the installation when I opened some songs they were scrambled.

I'm pretty sure its the same on other PCs - could you confirm that though? Dream Theater - Pull Me Under.mp3 (will remove if copyright is an issue)


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OK, yes for me, it is also a problem, the song says it's 8:11 but skips to the next song at about 0:05.
You probably should remove the link just in case.
Did you perform an upgrade or was this a clean install of Windows?

It was an upgrade I believe. (all old files were copied to windows.old)

And I don't seem to have the option of editing that post.


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OK, well nevermind then.. If another moderator sees it, He should see my post to so you shouldn't get into trouble :)
I find it quite strange what you're describing, it was likely more of a disk error then a problem caused by installing windows 7.
Unfortunately, because the files have been physically damaged, the only thing you can do is download them again, from a legal source of course.
Just one more thing:
Were the files damaged right from day 1, or did they get damaged sometime AFTER you installed Windows 7?

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