Windows 7 Microphone voice recognization


I am facing a quite interesting problem, I got a mic, the problem I am facing is that I get voice in my left ear (when recording in an audio recorder). But when I chat with someone on the Yahoo! They can hear me in both ears... SO I don't really get what's going on.

tell me a way, a software or something by which the voice recorder software could also recognize my voice in both ears (left and right) or if it's not possible tell me a way by which I can put the voice of my left ear on the right one.....

Thanks, badly waiting for answer,



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Hello, and firstly, welcome to the Windows 7 Forums :)

So your problem is when you use an audio recording software, you can only hear yourself through one earbud/headphone?

Yes exactly, you got it totally right !!!!!!!!!


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Have you tried other programs to see if they do the same thing? It might be a setting/feature of the program

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