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    Hey everyone, so heres my situation.
    I am trying to format and reinstall windows on a clients computer, which normally is no big issue. This case is special though.

    Client has Windows 7 Installed, but the sticker on the case is for Windows Vista, ok no biggy. I call him up and ask him to bring his license in and this is what he brings me.

    A black booklet that looks like the first of the two on this page.
    So I have never run across one of these things before so I check out the site thats on the booklet, which took me to that link I just sent.

    So my question is, what process from here do I have to go through to reinstall this guys windows 7?

    The license on this sticker is only 17 digits instead of the standard 25, so was this a code to gain access to the REAL code? or is this a special code used to install it?

    I assuming I cannot just pop in a windows 7 disk and use this code to install it like I normally would...

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    This is the Microsoft program that encouraged people to buy new pcs with vista prior to the release of Windows 7. The buyer was guaranteed a free upgrade to Windows 7 after the official release in October 2009. See this article: Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program for Vista PCs ( .

    It is possible that the upgrade was self activated if no new product key was provided.

    According to the article it is possible to do a clean install using the Windows 7 Upgrade Option media using the registration code in the Windows Vista COA.
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