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Aug 2, 2009
Here are some new theme/wallpaper packs I just finished up.
Hope you all like them.
To install them, just download the zip and extract them to a place of your choosing.
Next, click Start/Control Panel/Change Desktop Background and browse to where you placed them, expand the folder and click on the wallpaper/name folder, save settings and close.
Next, right click desktop, click "Personalize" and right click the new theme to save it with the appropriate name.

The miscellaneous zip files/Themes, are as follows;

A1 African Wildlife
A1 Bullets
A1 Christmas
A1 Fighter Jets
A1 Firefox
A1 Google Chrome
A1 Linux Ubuntu
A1 Military Helicopters
A1 Ocean Life
A1 Patriotic
A1 Space Shuttle Tribute
A1 Star Trek Ships
A1 Tall Ships
A1 Universe1
A1 Universe2
A1 Universe3
A1 Universe4
A1 Virtual Perspective
A1 Waterfalls
A1 Wild Horses
A1 Windows 8
A1 Windows Windows
A1 Wolves
A1 World Maps
A1 World of Green
A1 WWII Aircraft
Regional Themes;
Stateside Themes;
U.S. Territory Themes;
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TY TY TY Thank You very much for the pictures. I dld. WWII aircraft. Great Wallpaper! I am of such age that I can remember the day P38 flew low right over our town. Also have watched B17 fly low, one time at recess, a whole squadron of Bi-Wing trainers went near the school house. Such memories! Did i say THANKS? Rod
You're welcome Ol Rod, I'm glad you like them. I enjoyed the hours I spent looking for just the right ones to use. There were just so many.
If you are interested, I live here in Tuscon, AZ, not too far from the Pima Air and Space Museum, which has a WWII aircraft boneyard.
Here's a link to that site, Home

Hey all,

Just added a new pack named "Fighter Jets", which you can download by using the link in the first post.

Here is a sample;

hi, those are very good themes you just did. do you do heroes stuff themes? :)
As a matter of fact Hulk, I had started one about a month ago, but so far I only have about 4 backgrounds. Just looking for the right ones. I'm also working on a few others Dragons, World Maps and of course Comic Book Heroes, I'm still trying to decide too, if I should use actual comic book backgrounds or go with movie backgrounds.

Either way, when I'm finished it will be posted and will be available through the same link.

Thanks for asking,

Hello all,

Just added 2 new wallpaper packs to "Misc. Themes"

A1 Linux Ubuntu for all you Linux lovers and A1 World Maps, use the link in the first post.

Enjoy, hope you like them

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I have updated the first (OP) post to show all the Wallpaper Packs thus far and to include a new link.

I am glad that everyone has enjoyed them, please return often as I will be adding more as time permits.

Updated links will be inserted/edited in to the OP/Post #1.

I notice Microsoft has released another theme pack for windows 7:

A brand new theme is now available for download for the owners of personal computers that run under Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.

Called Hummingbirds, the new theme is meant to provide users with the possibility to admire some of the smallest birds on the planet.

Packing a nice range of high-resolution images, the new theme will bring a piece of wild life that is unknown to most people out there right on the screen of a Windows 7 computer.

You'll also find links to other theme packs too: Link Removed - Invalid URL
Just added 3 more packs to Misc. Theme/Wallpaper Packs;

A1 55 Chevy's
A1 57 Chevy's
A1 Screaming Guitars

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Hello again,

Just added a few more;

A1 55 T-Birds
A1 53 Corvettes
A1 Custom Bikes
A1 Corvette 789------This pack contains a gallery of custom Corvettes, called Corvette 789. They were designed and built with a combination of 3 model year Chevy's, 57, 58 & 59, Corvette chassis, engine and 2 seat design which you will clearly see.

Hello everyone,

Back again, this time for Fooooootball!

Added 2 files to Misc. Themes;


Get them from the link in the first post

The Christmas zip has wallpaper but the Theme folder is empty. Just wondering...
Oh dear, the Patriotic theme folder is empty too. Now, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here...
The Christmas zip has wallpaper but the Theme folder is empty. Just wondering...
Oh dear, the Patriotic theme folder is empty too. Now, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here...

Hello Dawter;
You're not doing anything wrong.
The Theme folder (which is in all the theme packs) was originally created for anyone that knows how (which I do not) to make a theme file which would automatically install the theme by clicking on the file as it is with the MCT Theme files included in Windows 7.

Hope this clarifies things.

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