Windows 7 Mouse stutter driving me crazy

Ever since installing Windows 7 (64 bits) my mouse stutters. Skipping every now and then, staying in one position while I move the mouse, etc. I do a lot of photo editing and it's really annoying and makes my work almost impossible.

Hope someone can help me out. I already tried some stuff on the web like checking latency, changing USB power settings, etc.

My system:

Intel i5 (750 I think)
MSI P55-GD65 (not the USB3 version)
Adata memory 8GB
Radeon HD 5850 videocard
Microsoft keyboard set 3000
Bamboo pad (older version)
Installed a USB 3 hub, but stuttering already happened before that.
Other hardware includes:
- Epson V600 scanner
- HP Photosmart 5360
- Epson STylus Photo R2880
- Logitech MSN cam (disconnected)
- 2 DVD Rom drives (Asus and LG)

Also, have you checked the batteries to see if they need replacing?


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Have you tried another mouse? Cleaned out he lens cavity? I keep a can of compressed dusting gas handy just for that.

Thnx for your response. I already tried new batteries and have uninstalled and re-installed the newest driver several times. With or without the driver... results are the same. I didn't try another mouse yet. However I do remember my old Logitech mouse doing the same thing after I installed Win7. By the way... this isn't the same install. I re-installed on SSD only a few months ago. Same result.

Anyone know about driver issues? Drivers colliding, settings in Bios... whatsoever?

None that I'm aware could be to that it's about to brake/quit or go bad. They do ware out and go bad from time to time. Might be time to start thinking about getting a new one.

Hi guys, before trying a new mouse I decided to try a better surface. Probably the most stable thing during the time I have had this problem is the surface. New installs, new hardware, new software didn't change a thing. Neither did new batteries or a re-install of the driver. So... got me a Razer Sphex mouse pad thing (very slim and sticks to the table). Works great so far. Will do some work today and tomorrow and will see if the problem re-occurs.

Will let ya know!

I have had this problem for a while. I finally got the mouse working smooth with no stuttering.
Here is my correction to the problem. I unplugged my wireless netgear router for a minute, then plugged it back in.
After it reset, the mouse was back to normal...go figure?? I have a neighbor with the same issue, and it also worked for him.

Hi All, i've had similar problems with my new Logitech MX800 mouse/keyboard. I've tried many suggestions I found on many forums but no luck.

It turns out the USB wireless receiver was a bit too far away from the mouse or something interfered with the signal. I bought a USB extender cable, plugged in the wireless receiver, put it closer to the keyboard and mouse and it is all working fine now for 5 days.

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