Windows 7 - Need help on start up :)

i have windows 7 64bit, and i7 processor, and a hd 5830 graphics with 3gb of triple channel ram.... the problem is that when i turn my pc on, the windows welcome screen comes on, after its done what it does, my screen goes black with the cursor showing for 5-10 seconds, then my desktop shows, ive put services on minimal and selected no startup programs, i dont understand why its doing this because on other windows 7 pc's after the welcome screen loads their desktops show straight after without any black screen delay???

I cant think of anything which ive installed which would cause this, any ideas, my cpu and so on works fine because its smooth running once its all loaded up

You can try out a few things.

1) Check the boot priority order in the bios. Place your boot hdd at the top of the list or second after optical drive.

2) It could be an external device connected to your computer, unplug all non-essential externals.

3) Boot to safe mode. If the delay lessens it could be a 3rd party app like bad drivers, AV etc.

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