Windows 7 Network Icons

Hey everybody,

I'm a newbie here and I apologize if this is something that's already been covered elsewhere, and/or I'm posting this in the wrong category.

I've been searching around for answers to this problem but I can't find anything that's similar to our particular situation.
Forgive me if this is a bit long-winded but let me give you an overview of our environment:

We're an international printing company with plants in various locations around the world. We have our own private WAN and of the hundreds of computers our IT team supports, about 40% of them are running on Windows 7 (we don't have an aggressive Windows 7 roll-out policy, but moving forward all PC's will be running Windows 7).
For this particular issue, we make use of DFS to replicate "global" file shares across the WAN. We have logon scripts in place (controlled by group policy) that automatically creates shortcuts to these specific share locations based on group membership. These scripts add shortcuts to the users desktop, and changes the shortcuts' icon to our own custom icons that are also stored in a DFS location.

Now, for reasons beyond my understanding, the majority of Windows 7 clients "lose" the custom icon and revert back to the "broken shortcut" (if that's what it's actually called :rolleyes:) icon. When you open the shortcut however, it works absolutely fine. When you select the shortcut's properties and select "Change Icon", the path is pointing to the correct DFS location where the .ico file is stored and the shortcut properties are even displaying the correct icon! But looking at the desktop, the icon appears to be "broken".

This issue is on appearing on Windows 7 machines, all XP client shortcuts/icons are behaving themselves wonderfully! :confused:

Can anybody please shed some light on this issue for me, it's really starting to get frustrating...

Thanks in advance!

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