WIndows 7 Network Problem - Conflicting Information

Dell Studio Desktop Computer
Windows 7 SP1
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Netgear DG834 Modem/Router

I have a problem with my home network that I have been trying to solve for weeks. Hopefully someone will be able to help (thanks in advance).

Windows 7 reports that I have no network connection (see image) but I DO have a network connection and I can also surf the Internet. I can see and share files on a Compaq computer running Windows XP from my Dell computer and vice versa (albeit only the Dell’s public folder from the Compaq computer). I tried to share other folders but Windows informs me that I would need to change to a “Home and Work” profile and not a “Public” profile.

When I try to do so I am informed that I have no network connection but as I said before I clearly do have a connection. I then tried to fix the problem using the settings in the Network and Sharing Center but when I try to turn on network discovery for the Home and Work profile it does not “stick” but simply reverts back to the “Public” profile.

The Windows 7 network map also gives odd readings (see image). It shows the connection to my printer but states that it cannot map to my Compaq computer. Furthermore, it shows that I do not have a connection to the Internet – but I DO.

I would appreciate help in sorting these problems out.



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A suspect area would be DNS. Please go to Start -> Search -> cmd.exe

Launch Windows Command Prompt

Type: ipconfig /all

Please specify the DNS servers that come up.


DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

(You will need to scroll up in most cases)

What you want to do, is try switching to manual DNS.

To set your DNS servers manually, see:

Using Google Public DNS

I recommend this because sometimes your router will not pass along DNS information properly when DHCP is enabled and this issue appears. The answer is not to disable DHCP, but to override DNS with custom settings. In this case you could use Google's public DNS and determine if the problem still occurs. The DNS servers I have listed above are Google and OpenDNS, both of which are highly reliable and unlikely to cause difficulties. Please let me know if you find this to be a useful remedy to the issue.

Thank you for responding. I have attached an image of the ipconfig /all result. Incidentally, I have an OpenDNS account but have not used any of the settings - will that help?



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Try plugging in OpenDNS or Google Public DNS settings. Some instructions can be found here:

Remember, this is one of those issues that actually isn't that important. If you're not noticing an intermittent slow down, or even a problem, besides the display, you shouldn't have to change anything. It is an optional change that may or may not solve your problem.

Thanks Mike, I gave your suggestion a go and changed my Negear modem/router settings to use the non-ISP DNS services. That may help to speed up translation and connection to internet services.

However, this does not address the underlying problem which is that my computer reports no connection to the Internet (according to the map - see earlier image) and also reports that I have no network connection when I know that I have got a connection. Moreover, I still cannot set my profile to Home and Work rather than Public. Any suggestions?

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