Windows 7 Network Sharing


Can someone help me connect to my other PC through WORKGROUP?

I've done turning on the network discovery, file and printer sharing, sharing so anyone with network access can read and write..., & password protect.

Here's a zip file, if you think you know it you can check it :)



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Have you actualy shared any folders on the network pc's by:

(These steps are using Win 7.)
1. right clicking the desired folder
2. Choose Properties
3. Click the Sharing tab
4. Click Advanced sharing
5. Tick the "Share this folder" box
6. Click OK and then click the close button.

Goto the other pc and try again to access the pc which you have just shared the folder on.




I don't think that's gonna work cuz I can't get inside to another PC through WORKGROUP.
And just to inform you guys, this is about sharing a printer through WORKGROUP.


To setup and install a home network printer, first of all you need to enable the printer sharing option. You can enable this option in Control Panel. To enable this, you need to right-click on the Printers Setting icon. You will get options to choose the sharing in a generated window. To use a network printer on your local network, you need to set an IP address for your printer. You also need to know about the details of your printer before going to setup your network.

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