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    I have been using Windows 7 RC since it's release and on Saturday morning 9/12, my network stopped connecting to my AT&T Uverse router. I switched to my other hard drive having Windows XP 32-bit and that connected to the router just fine. I have a wired connection to it so I don't see what the problem is other than Windows 7 having the issue.

    I spoke with AT&T Uverse Tech Support online and they basically just said Windows 7 is not supported by UVerse and didn't help. UVerse was working just fine the whole time with Windows 7 until Saturday morning when I woke up.

    Detail of problem, when I log into Windows 7, the network icon in the tray shows a circle going for a few seconds then just has a ! mark. I check on troubleshoot but it doesn't help much. I tried disabling and reenabling the adapters and that didn't fix the problem, on top of uninstalling and letting windows reinstall the adapter.

    When the ! is there, it says Unidentified Network or something of that nature. When I login to the router settings and look at the computers connected, it shows my computer connected by Ethernet!

    What's wrong here and how do I correcet it? Router is showing my wired computer is connected, but windows 7 is showing a ! mark and says Unidentified Network and I can't do anything to correct it. Tried shutting off the firewall as well. Windows 7 was working just fine the night before w/o any changes, just next morning decided to stop connecting for no reason.

    Please help, thanks!
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    Host key + R
    Type in cmd & hit enter.
    In cmd Window type.
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    ipconfig /flushdns
    report back.
    After words report back with results of
    ipconfig /all
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    Power Off Win7 PC
    Turn off or unplug Router/Modem for a few moments (like 2 to 5 mins)
    Turn Modem/Router back on wait for it to boot
    Turn Win7 PC back on and try again

    This may work.

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