Windows 7 no longer starts after forced shutdown.

Hello everyone, Today my mediaplayer stopped working, and I decided to restart to see if that would fix the problem. When I shut down my PC it just kept hanging on "Shutting down" for 10 minutes so I forced a shutdown by holding the power button.

After booting up again however Windows 7 doesn't boot beyond the animated windows logo. I've tried rebooting with the repair install option but it just hangs on a progress bar then.

I've also tried to reboot using my installation DVD, however after that goes through a couple of "Windows is loading files" progress bars it goes right back to the animated windows logo as if it didn't start from the DVD at all. (I'm sure it should have, I booted from DVD and pressed a key when it asked me to)

What should I do now? I can't even reformat if the PC doesn't load the installation disc. :(

On further inspection, it seems the DVD only works when I unplug my HDD.

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Sorry to hear about the problems. I have had to power off a few times and luckily it never caused me such problems.

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode? Maybe something will shut itself down and allow normal operations.

Do you know what was playing? Was it a file you might be able to delete from a command prompt?

If you can get into Safe Mode or Safe Mode Command Prompt, you might be able to run a Chkdsk on your drive.

When I press F8 on startup all I get is the Startup repair and "Start Windows Normally". No mention of starting up in Safe mode.


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I always hate to see that. But you might try the Startup Repair option a couple of times and then start normally. It does sometimes take a Startup Repair several runs to repair a condition, so maybe it will help.

Do you have an F12 key option on your system to boot to another device?

Yes I do, I've attempted to boot from the installation DVD but when I do so it just hangs on the windows logo again


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Maybe someone else will have an idea, but I do not know why you could not boot to the DVD if you chose to do so. The DVD also leads into a Windows animated logo, I believe, so it might be hard to tell where you are.

If you disconnect the HDD, can you boot into the DVD all the way?

Maybe the Hard drive is causing the problems. Trying another one might eliminate that possibility.

This morning I decided to see if I could get anything out of it, and it started without any problems whatsoever... I'm kind of speechless, to be honest.

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