Windows 7 Noise Static

Hi, i need some help here, i have the final version of windows 7 installed and i have the ASUS P5PE-VM Motherboard.
My issue is every time i am moving my mouse around i am hearing noise static coming from the speakers, so for example just say i am surfing the net and i am trying to scroll through a page, i will hear all sorts of static on and off. I never had this issue before and it just started happening recently. I even did a fresh install yesterday to try and fix the issue, however i still hear it on and off. Here are some of the applications i have installed also do you think if the video card is going bad it could be the cause of this static?

Installed programs

Firefox 3.5.5
Java 6 version 17
Sandboxie 3.41
adobe flash player activex and plugin
k-lite mega codec pack 5.4
MS SQL server 2005 (don't have any idea how this got there)
ms intellipoint 7
ms office 2010
ms security essentials
windows live essentials, live sign in assitant, live sync and live upload tool
media player plugin for firefox

Now, i have had all these programs installed before and i have never had no noise static issues until recently. I am not sure if it was an update of an application or not, but i have been updating all these apps from time to time and never had any problems till now. Also i have installed SoundMax drivers before and even though it i got the message that the O.S didn't support the drivers they installed and worked fine for the last 2-3 months even during the beta stages and i have also updated the soundmax drivers through the windows update and all was fine till now. Any idea what could be wrong and any ways i could try to fix this? TIA. I have also checked for new asus drivers, however i did not see anything new for audio drivers.


Download the recent drivers for your sound card or the sound device.
Install and restart
Check if the system is fine
if not uninstall and go back to the old driver
If still the issue occurs try getting the generic drivers for your sound device

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