Windows 7 not able to access computer outside of domain

All of my computers at work are on a domain controlled by a SBS 2003 Server except for an old Windows 2000 Server that I have printers attached to it that the network uses.

All of the windows 2000 computers and XP can access the printers and drive on this machine outside of the domain but the two Windows 7 Professional computers cannot. The username and password on the 2000 server is the same as what is used on the Domain controller but still the computers cannot access the printers or the drive on this machine outside of the domain. When I try to access this machine it prompts me to enter the username and password but the username has the name of my domain in front of it, example DOMAIN\Administrator, if I try to use another account to log in it automatically uses the Domain information and I can't connect.

Any ideas other than joining the old server to the domain?




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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Edit the contents of the username box when prompted, to include the machine name of the Windows 2000 machine then a backslash and then a username that you know is good on that box, like
See if that helps.
If not you may have to make some adjustments to the level of NTLM used either on the 2k Server or on the Win7 machines. Win7 uses NTLMv2 out of the box, I'm not sure about 2000 server, but that may be an issue. Try that google thing and see if you can do a little research on LmCompatibilityLevel as well as NtlmMinClientSec and NtlmMinServerSec. You may also refer to this topic and see if you find it useful at all.

The first suggestion didn't work, but the settings provided in the link you suggested worked PERFECT!

Thanks a bunch!



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Glad you were able to resolve your issue and thanks for updating your thread with your solution. Hope to continue to see you around the forums.

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