Windows 7 Not detecting USB devices

Running windows 7 x64 .
Symptons are : USB is not detecting state change for stor devices or wireless lan.

Seems that devices that were working beofre "the Event" are still working any new device is not detected.

I've tried a range of USB keys and a USB wireless lan.
I've booted into live Ubuntu DVD and USB ports are working correctly so it's not a hardware issue.

I've removed the tick box on the Power Management tab for USB Root Hub and attempting to update drivers being told they are up to date.

"The Event" is unknown to me but must have occured well over a month ago now just been putting up with it.

I'm now either going to fix it or re-install the OS.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi your our only hope....


The devices when connected do not appear in device manager.
USB keys / drives with leds show signs of power.

my assumption is somehting has occured to usbSTOR.dll and I need to update it the question is what is the best way.

2ndly has anyone ahd this issue before now, I've googled foudn a few where a driver update for teh usb device solved the problem and that may work when it's actually detected..


Looks to be Fixed :)
uninstalled and removed files for the three usb controllers and let windows do the rest..
USB Stor and wifi are working again.

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