Windows 7 not installing(As well as XP)

Hey there everyone. I just bought my new machine and put it all together. I've got a fair amount of experience when it comes to building and troubleshooting. BUT- I need your guys help on this one!

I bought a brand spanking new copy of Windows 7 Professional and it won't install. I pop the CD in my drive(The 64 bit Windows 7), I get the error stating that I have an I/O error with one of my components. When I put the 32 bit CD in- it states that Bootmgr cannot be started or is corrupt.

I grabbed a HDD out from another computer that is running on XP and plugged into my new PC. It loads to the WinXP screen, then a quick blue screen of death and resets.

I'm at my wits end. Anone have any ideas? New PC Specs are as follows:

Asus M4A79T Deluxe Mobo
4 Gigs of G-Skill RAM
AMD Phenom 2 x4 Quad Core
80 Gig WD HDD(Sata)
Lite-On DvD Burner/Reader(Sata)


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Sounds like the problem is with your optical drive rather than the hard drive. Do you have another one you can try?


You can't just take a hard drive from another computer and expect it to load the OS on another. There are all sorts of drivers specialized for each system. It is not technically impossible for the OS to boot well after lots of it "fixing" itself, but this is very much a no-no in every sense of the word. Whenever there is a new motherboard, you can never use the "old" OS. Clean install is absolutely needed. Again, it's not technically impossible...just very much should never be attempted or done for various reasons.

I would low level format the drive you intend to install Windows 7 to with Killdisk and then proceed to install. Good luck and enjoy.

In the Asus bios, make sure Plug and Play OS is set to yes. Many installs go foul on Asus machines because this is not set well.


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When using a SATA HDD don't you have to go into the bios and set it up?

I did have Plug and Play OS set to yes. In the course of my day I tried to install Ubuntu and was unsuccessful. It gave me the same error message as when I tried to install Windows 7. I believe the IDE bus is toast. I tried to install XP and was able to format the drive(Brand new- ordered it from newegg) but got no further. I also switched out optical drives and got the same error messages. I am running Ubuntu off of a USB drive at the moment and have no problems.

Might sound like a newbie question, but by "Setting up a HDD", do you mean boot order?

Edit: Also, I have no been able to install a copy of windows of any type since I put my new PC together.

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