Windows 7 not reading my Linux eBook

I recently purchased a eReader (Ebook) and it has a Linux Operating System on it and when I plug it in via USB on my Xp PC it reads it fine, but wont on my Windows 7 PC.
Thank you for any help will be greatly appreciated.
Ben :)

someone, please help the problem...


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I am not familiar with those devices, but which one do you have? Does the Win 7 computer have to be authorized to work with it?

Windows 7 not reading my Linux eReader

Thank you I will try the WinPro link.

To give it Authorisation you mean check the pop-up box when usually connecting external devices to Windows 7?


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Since I do not use such a device, I am only guessing. But Win 7 is much more into Digital Rights Management than was XP. Is there some process you need to go through to get the downloaded material to become useable on that computer? Or do you have to register the device somehow?

Which device are you using? I assume it and its contents are Win 7 compatible?

If not that, do all other USB devices work normally?

With the XP it was just plug n play.
Could you please explain to me where I might find the digital rights management page? Is it in the Control Panel?
The eBook is a X-6 eReader using a Linux 2.45 Operating System. It didnt require any registration when being used in my XP.
My Webcam and other USB devices seem to be working correctly.

Thank you for your reply and any other information would be greatly appreciated by yourself and anyone else with some answers too.


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I was unable to find you e-reader from your description, so I cannot check to see if it is Win 7 compatible, or if there are any special circumstances regarding using it.

Digital Right Management may not be a factor here, but any copyrighted material is handled differently in Win 7 in that there is more protection for copyrighted material. There is no page in Win 7, but when I used Audio Books in even Win XP, I had to register the computer to be able to play the audio books I purchased. I was just suggesting this might be a possibility in your situation, but I do not know that is your problem.



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I do not know Digital Rights Management is associated with your problem. It would seem the unit would have to be able to communicate with the computer before it would even know if something was not appropriate.

Have you tried different USB connections. The unit is USB 2.0 perhaps it would function better in a 2.0 plug.

Basically, I do not know what is wrong. If all your other USB devices function, maybe there is some driver problem and Win 7 does not have a driver for this unit.

I still cannot tell who makes it. It has an Epson screen, so does Epson make it, even though it probably doesn't make a difference, but you might check the manufacturer for a driver.

When you plug it in, what type of messages do you get?

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