Windows 7 not recognizing new SATA Hard Drive

First let me start by saying "Hi" and giving a bit of back information,

Built this machine about 3 years ago, so it's a bit antiquated but she still has a lot of life left in her...

Motherboard: Asus A8N32-SLI (Socket 939)
CPU: AMD Dual Core 64 FX-60 (2.61 Ghz)
Ram: 4 GB (1 x 4 DDR400)
Video: GeForce 7900
O/S: Windows 7 64-Bit

Problem: Okay for the longest time I have been running 2 Western Digital HDD's in a master slave configuration using one IDE cable. Drive 0 is a 250GB and Drive 1 is a 200GB. So for Christmas I bought myself a Western Digital 500GB SATA drive... here is where I'm having trouble, Windows 7 is not recognizing the SATA drive. The device manager sees the drive, however "My Computer" does not.

This is where is gets sticky, I have my 250GB jumpered to master and 200GB jumpered to slave, then have the 500GB in SATA 1 port... The BIOS sees all 3, classifies the 500GB as Third Master IDE (WTF).
(Same screwy results no matter what SATA port I put the new 500GB)

I un-hook the 200GB (slave) re-jumper the 250GB to cable select and throw the SATA in port 2 and re-boot. Okay now again Device Manager see's the HDD but not My Computer. I use a basic old program called Copy Wipe to clone drives... This program see's the 500GB drive (calling it Drive 1) and calls the 250GB Drive 0 (although I do not know what windows considers them). I am able to write 0's to the drive or clone it no problem... after cloning, the SATA drive becomes bootable (ONLY when connected alone with no IDE drives) but since it was an exact clone of the smaller drive Windows thinks the drive is 250GB instead of 500GB

Have I lost anyone yet?

At this point I just want the drive to work, either as a primary Boot-able drive or as a secondary storage medium.


Did you try disabling AHCI in bios ?


Okay after I posted this I went into Computer Management and saw the drive was offline due to a signature error with another drive. I was able to bring the drive online and Viola Windows 7 recognized it. From there I was able to partition and format! Thank you!

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