Windows 7 not remembering WEP key after rebooting

Just installed windows 7 ultimate the other day, everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that every time I reboot my machine or turn it on I have to re connect to my network and put in my wep key. I have the box checked to connect automatically, and to connect when in range of the net work. I have all the latest updates for my wireless adapter.

My only solution to the problem right now is that I have the key saved in a text file on my desktop and manually cut and paste it each time I turn my machine on.

Im running my networking stuff with a linksys wireless network adapter, and a linksys router. I can see all my computer even the one that is still running xp fine, no problems there, its just this wep key issue.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.


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You need to switch to WPA2 encryption anyway. WEP is easy to break into. Your router should have come with the necessary info to switch it. If it's an older router it might need a firmware upgrade.


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mine does the same exact thing. kinda sux having to put the pass in everytime the pc reboots to connect to my router. hopefully someone finds a cure for this issue.

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