Windows 7 not seeing other machines on network

I can connect to the internet just fine, but when I open up my "Network" in windows 7 I can only see my own computer. Nothing else. I know there is a win xp machine on the network which can access the internet as well. I'm completely new to the whole networking thing. I know when I ran Win XP I just opened up "My Network Places" and all the computers were there. So I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm currently running Win7 RC 7100.

does the xp machine see the W7? If you right click the network icon in your system tray, select network and sharing center, on the page that comes up you will see your network type, homegroup status, and on the left some options. select from the top set "change advanced sharing settings" if your pretty comfortable you can check out some of these options yourself or make sure everything is expanded and post a couple of screenshots well check it over. one thing to make sure is that network type is "home" not "public" also be sure that network discovery is on.

The networking setup in 7 is far superior to XP or even vista but is a little less user freindly due to the added functionality and security.Once you get it figured out you will enjoy it.

Yes the xp machine does see the win7 one. Well at least the shared files on the Win7 one. Here the screens from the Advanced Network Settings. And it is set to Home as the network.

Screen 1
Screen 2

hope this helps...

everything seems ok the first screencap is home profile and the second is public?The only thing i see is that public folder sharing is off but you can see shared folders on the 7 box so all that would do is share more folders from the 7 box. Maybe it's the settings on the XP system? When you first open network connections you'll see on the top a little link to "show network map" or something of the sort is the XP machine visible on this map? One more rather silly question don't be offended i have to ask: you do have a folder set up to be shared on the XP machine?Check over all those network settings on the XP box if you have questions on them post another screencap. This certainly appears to be a settings problem. Are you looking in the network section of the file tree (towards the bottom) as only windows seven systems can join a homegroup so that section should be empty a little farther down the file tree you'll see a heading that says network it should show the XP machine even if it's not sharing any folders but not if sharing is turned off.

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