Windows 7 on Asus Netbook- messed up keys

Hi, I've been searching for a solution to my problem for a while now but no luck. I installed windows 7 on my asus 1005HAB netbook a few days ago, and I have a major issue. When I type a sentence, the curser jumps back into the sentence I just typed and end up inserting words between words, or deletes what I type all together. It keeps doing this and I have to fix what I type or else it makes no sense. So for example if I want to type "this a error is a huge pain", I end up with " this epain uge a rror is". Any help is much appreciated!

Hi there!
Description of your problem rather confusing due to a lot of missing details. Where in particular application did you typed the sentence? Did your pc has installed third party applications that check spellings or grammar and currently running in background?


I may be wrong, but i believe your problem has nothing to do with the operating system. i had similar problems with a toshiba laptop and found that the problem was with the touchpad on the laptop. As I typed, my hand would hit the touchpad and the typing would then jump to a pevious line. Just what you are descibing.. Try to disable the touch pad (with software commands)and plug in a wireles mouse and see if your problem does not go away.

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