Windows 7 on Extended partition - D:


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My HDD has the following partitions (all NTFS):

Primary (Active) 50G
Extended 200 G

I would like to install Windows 7 on the first Extended partition and have the drive letter as D:
Although I am able to install Windows 7 on the above mentioned partition the OS partition becomes C: and the primary partition which I want as C: is initially hidden.


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Boot into the o/s on your first partition ( Vista - I assume) - use a virtual drive to install 7 to the partition of your choice - give it the letter you want first.

The C is already taken by the o/s you are booted into - install 7 from within that and it can't use C - it will accept the letter you have assigned for the partition you are pointing 7 installer at.

The free ( unregistered ) version of Power Iso is good to use for that.

PowerISO - Create, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Mount, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive


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Thanks for replying SIW2.

There is no other OS on this PC/HDD.

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