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Windows 7 windows 7 on mac partition


New Member
May 30, 2009
I have installed windows rc on my mac partition. I am having a lot of problems with it. I will be doing something and all of a sudden a blue screen will come up some of the writting says to check my installed programs. Then the computer just restarts. A lot of programs seem to have a problem with 7. Trend micro wont work properly and my hp mobile isnt recognised. I dont know if it is complications with being on a mac. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Thank you!
No Problem with my MacBook

I'm running Win7 7137 fine in a dual-boot on my MacBook. Try Vista Firewall Control and Antivir for security. I've run both the X86 and X64 versions fine. With the X64 version, I have only two, inconsequential yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager.:razz: