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    Hi all, im not really a computer wizz and dont know what exactly to do here.

    I have never liked vista at all ever. i throught i would give it a whirl to download (windows 7). I have a duo boot menu log in now, which i think is perfect. Window vista or Windows 7.

    After installing window 7 , i was so happy. Things seemed lightning fast. Now i know why its so lighting fast. I somehow have windows 7 installed on drive (c) the recovery drive, which is fine maybe, and when i started moving my files off my backup it also is trying to save to the recovery drive c. I need the file saving capabilty on drive d. Only when i am loged onto vista does it save my personal files on D. Can i just make a new partition somehow? and tell widows 7 to start saving my files to it, intead of drive (c) the recovery drive?

    I would like to :

    1. Have vista and windows 7 on drive c , the recovery drive, or whats best
    2. I want 80% of the hardrive d available for windows 7 for saving large video files etc. :)
    3. i want 20% of the hardrive d available for vista for saving a few files incase my windows 7 crashes. :mad:
    4. Please decribe in detail how i can do this, remove 7, re-intall 7 , re partition etc. :redface:

    Thanks much :razz:

    Update, I want to actually have d drive as the primary drive for saving all files, using vista or win-7 so easyer to find all files quickly
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