Windows 7 on Wrong Drive!

I have just taken delivery of a new PC and instead of configuring it as I needed:

Drive C: 500GB Windows 7
Drive D: 500GB Blank
Drive E: 1TB Blank,

The supplier has installed Windows as:

Drive C: 1TB Windows 7
Drive D: 500GB blank
Drive E: 500GB blank

Is there a way to remove Windows 7 from drive C:, and then reinstall everything as I needed it? Will I physically need to move the drives to achive this?

As I have just taken delivery, I am happy to format drives and move them if needed to get what I want, but really need some guidance on how to achieve this.

Thanks very much.

I could/would even, will suggest a couple of ideas. First, please, what brand of PC, what OS disc(s) are w/ it, now & what flavour of 7?




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There are many different possibilities. The easiest method would be to partition the 1 TB drive to, let's say 75 GB, then use the remaining portion of the HDD as another partition for whatever. I would however create a Image of the setup as it stands using a good 3rd party partitioning app (A couple good choices are Acronis True Image Home and Macrium Reflect).

Speaking of Imaging, you could create the Image, then restore to the HDD you wish it to be on, then use a partitioning app such as Partition Wizard or EaseUS Partition Magic to clear the original installation and reformat it to use as another partition.

Either way, using a full either 500 GB or 1 TB HDD for the OS, even with all apps is, I believe, a waste of space. I have my OS partition set up to 75 GB and the OS plus all apps only uses approx. 30 to 35 GB. (And this includes a Office 2010 Pro full install and many other apps)

I run very specific and demanding simulation software and the 1TB drive is required to be 'stand alone'. Experience with other PC's and users has taught me which configuration works well for this application. Hence having the preferred arrangement between drives/sizes and which runs Windows is quite important. It is simply used for Office and the like.

In reply to the earlier question, the PC is custom built:
i7 980 Nehalem CPU (3.33GHZ Hyperthread)
GeForce GA-X58A-UD5 i7 MoBo
12GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
NVidia GTX580 3GB DDR5 CGU
2 x 500GB WD Caviar Blue HDD's
1 x 1TB WD Cavia Black HDD
running Windows 7 Pro Ultimate 64 bit

I have the Windows 7 DVD for any reinstall required.


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You can make an image with Windows Backup and restore it to the other drive.

But the total partitioned space on the image must be less than the new drive. You can increase a partition size after you reimage.

After you image, I would suggest removing the 1TB drive so as to not have it effected by the reimage. You could probably do it without removing, but you must make sure the drive you are going to install to is set as primary in the bios. Since you have an extra 500G drive, you can save the image on that, but you cannot save it on the drive you are going to use for the Windows 7 install.

Some third party software works fine, but not usually necessary.

Thanks for answering my little questions. I reckoned it was custom-built. As the others said you can use the image route. Or install it again, since you have the disc, where you want it. Then, the 1TB can be wiped. Unplug the 1TB, install 7 where you want it & go from there. Or, the image route.



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Using a 3rd party app you should be able to restore you present Win 7 Image to the 1TB drive without having to resize first, then after. This should be easily accomplished with either of the Imaging apps I mentioned above.

Thanks to all for the excellent responses. I'll start the process ASAP.

All good! I disconnected the 1TB and the spare 500GB and started PC with W7 DVD in DVD drive. Installed W7 to C: (500GB). Then reconnected other drives in sequence and all is corrected and as we need it.

Thanks guys.

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