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I have Windows 7 Ultimate built from scratch, (although this same issue happened before the rebuild, from an upgrade to Windows 7 Pro from Windows Vista); Windows 7 is build 7600.

I have a multiple monitor setup and Outlook runs on the r/h screen. When I use Outlook 2007, I click new mail, and the new message window opens on the l/h screen. Same when I click reply or forward. Whether I am opening a new message, or replying/forwarding an existing message, sometimes, (and it really is sporadic), the new message window won't take focus. So when I started to type, my focus shoots up and down on the Outlook window; e.g. if I hit H to start typing H, it will try and jump to a message starting with H.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that the new message window takes focus?

All help appreciated.


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Thanks, but I use Display Fusion for multi monitor support. I don't think it is a multimonitor thing; seems to be an issue with windows and focus, from looking through the forums.


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Whats your display driver like? Are you using the latest version?

I don't know if this reply will bee seen since the original post is so old, but I will reply anyway since the initial post explained the issue well. I have this same issue. It has been on multiple Windows 7 installs (all 64-bit, Pro and Ultimate), and on different hardware. All have been Outlook 2007. This issue has never surfaced on Windows XP with Outlook 2007. I will add that, when using a single monitor, the new window will often open behind the main Outlook window. I have been researching this for over a year, and have not found a solution. Every post I have seen from someone affiliated with Microsoft insists that this is not a Microsoft issue, and it must be caused by something else. However, I will state with all certainty that this IS a Microsoft issue. I have tried the registry modification that is posted on many sites, and this seems to have fixed the focus issue in general, but not with Outlook. I don't know if this is still an issue with Outlook 2010, as I have not had the opportunity to try it out yet. My original guess was that something running in Outlook was periodically running and stealing focus, like the indexer or something. However, this only seems to happen when first opening a message. I don't recall it ever stealing focus once I had the focus on the message window. However, that is not necessarily proof one way or the other. I am willing to assist with testing to some degree, so let me know of any ideas you may have.

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