windows 7 over xp??

Hi, news to the forums.Tomorrow i will be buying windows 7, i currently use windows xp because my pc is just for gaming, and i keep a separate drive for non gaming purposes. I just wanted to know(because i have heard) if i want to install over windows xp, will i need to do a full format? Just as if i were to reinstall xp, but in this case with the windows 7 disk in instead?

I wanted to know since i have reformated xp and vista by myself problem free many of times, and wanted to know if windows 7 is as easy and simple as both of the other os's.

any help is appreciated, thanks:)

With PC Mover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant, you can now do a "custom" upgrade. Basically, its a hidden "in place" upgrade in which third party software packs away previous information in what's called a "moving van" that remains in an inaccessible location on the hard drive during the Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade. Basically there are thee steps involved: 1) Install PC Mover on the computer that has Windows XP and launch and run the migration tool - choose old computer to complete the carryover of previous programs, settings and files to Windows 7. 2) Install Windows 7 using custom upgrade. 3) Upon booting in Windows 7, reinstall PC Mover and choose new computer. Run the migration tool to complete the carryover reinstallation. Then you're done!

Katie Boehret of the Wall Street Journal has a good overview of what's involved and what you need to do to move from Windows XP to Windows 7:

Windows 7 Upgrade Made Easy | Katherine Boehret | The Mossberg Solution | AllThingsD

Hope this helps!

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