Windows 7 overclock glitch? stuck at 12x multiplier.

OK, So I had Windows 7 a few months back. I had this problem, and forgot that its why I went back to vista.

basically, ive been on Vista 64 bus for the last 2 months. Havent changed my computers settings at all bios wise. So under windows vista my clock settings are:
(motherboard DFI x58 and proc i7 920)

1.36v vcore
1.36v vtt
195x21x = 4.1ghz
1950mhz ram
195 BCLK

Every day I went into vista, and my clocks stayed at 4.1 ghz. i could 8 core prime, no problem, watching CPU-Z it never changed.

now I just decided to try RC1 vista, and am in windows and I see this instead....

Now, I will go through what I have checked.

1.) power profile. I have tried High performance and also built a custom one. no go.
2.) I rechecked my bios settings, I even booted into my old vista install as its on another disk and settings are fine and 4.1 runs flawlessly.
3.) when i boot, my post screen shows 195x20 = 4.0ghz. When I get into windows it becomes a completely different story.
4.) I have disabled C1E state completely. It should not be throttling down, as it is disabled on the hardware level?
5.) I had to leave EIST enabled, as thats the only way turbo will work 24/7.
6.) if I disable EIST, and boot into windows, I will get 195x20x = 3.95Ghz.
7.) if I leave my PC at stock settings say 133x21 w/ stock voltages and go into windows 7 it will do 21x.
8.) ive ran benchmarks that show my performance is really at that low of a level w/ 12x multipler, so it is not a CPU-Z issue :)

So those are the facts I have figured out on my own. For some reason it appears windows 7 throttles down my overclock, like its not safe. " I dont like it when an OS goes big brother on me, and tells me, I dont think that overclock is safe, so you cant do it sorry, i am going to limit you to 195x12 = 2.4 ghz, have fun."

This has been an issue on all windows 7 installs ive done up to RC1 7100.

Anyone have any idea how I can nip this one in the butt? Anyone know what could cause this?

Id prefer not to mention this, but I did have the same exact brand board that I RMA'ed, and prior to the RMA, i remember hitting 4.1ghz in windows 7 on that board with similar settings. Now I know what you are thinking, well it must be the board then? Well how come I dont have this issue with windows Vista 64 then? So id prefer you ignore this, but I want to be as accurate as possible.

Sorry if this is information overload, Its just really irritating me, and I would like to see this one small issue I have with 7 disapear. (well big issue for me right now)

Work around for Turbo 21x issue fixed at 12x on DFI UT X58 when using Win7 Windows 7 + Turbo mode fixed 12x multi issue [DFI UT X58] - research

FIXED idle and load 21x multi!

Change CxE from AUTO/Disabled to C1E + VID AUTO + VID Special ADD for adjusting vcore.

CPU Feature
Set VR Current Limit Max: Enabled
Thermal Management Control: Disabled
EIST Function: Enabled
CxE Function: C1E
Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
Virtualization Technology: Disabled

***** Logical Processor Setting *****
Intel HT Technology: Enabled
Active Processor Cores: All

Voltage Setting
O.C. Shut Down Free: Disable O.C.S.D.F
CPU VID Special Add Limit: Enabled
CPU VID Special Add: 110.10%
Vcore Droop Control: Disabled

PPM Function: Enabled
Turbo Mode Function: Enabled
1 core Max Turbo Ratio: 22x
2 core Max Turbo Ratio: 21x
3 core Max Turbo Ratio: 21x
4 core Max Turbo Ratio: 21x
CPU Non-Turbo Clock Ratio: 20x

Max calculated and MSR multi = 21x under 3dmark06 load


The above did not work for me. I set my bios exactly as you have it ( i am using a more recent bios then you tho (05/08) and i am still stuck at 12x. Double checked the power profile in windows 7 verified both minimum and max set to 100%. Still a no go.

I have a friend who is getting me a really good deal on a P6T deluxe V2, so I probably wont have my DFI board much longer. I was kind of hoping they would fix it, but its been almost 2 months, and its a no go :(

DFI has a new bios sometime this week apparently so the wait might be over. Shame you can't wait.

Anyway work around did help me with W3520 cpu

3dmark06 @21x215bclk - 4509Mhz

3dmark05 @21x215bclk - 4509Mhz

3dmark Vantage @21x215bclk - 4509Mhz


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