Windows 7: Parent adminstration control and rebellious pre-teen

I am a dad who wants to give his rebellious pre-teen daughter some control on her laptop, like update iTunes or install games, but she cannot do such as a Standard User.

I initially setup her laptop with both of us (dad and daughter) as admin users. I wanted to be an admin user to help install updates, backup, and check for viruses, etc... Dad as "Home IT guy".

However, in her rebellious attitude over the last couple of months, she removed me as an admin; so, I had no way for login. Pissed IT dad.

IT dad took her laptop away for a week, demanded her password, created IT dad as admin and changed frustrated daughter into standard user.

All fine. No. Daughter wants to upgrade iTunes (admin login required), install games (admin login required), etc... (admin login required). Non-IT mom does not want to do IT stuff (i.e. "admin login required" stuff).

Is there a way to allow my daughter (degraded to Standard User) to have some admin privileges (to perform upgrades and downloads without "admin login required"), but without having the permissions from removing other administrators (i.e. IT dad)?

In other words, IT parents as Uber-Administrators and User children as Limited-Adminstrators (i.e., cannot remove a Uber-Adminstrator but can upgrade and download software)?

IT Dad wants to know

jeff in seattle

This query appears under to slightly different headings & as 2 different threads.

I had answered it @ the 'other' location, thusly:


Short answer, Yes, there is.

1. You must be Admin (w/ secret P/W)
2. Daughter must be Limited
3. You use Win7 Parental Controls to set criteria for & monitor the Limited Users


Thank you for your prompt reply

Correct me if I am wrong, but Win7 Parental Controls limits only provides time-of-usage, website address restrictions, and monitor usage. I am looking for more privileges than that, but not complete admin, because Standard User cannot install or download software without admin permissions.

What I was requesting in this topic was a way of allowing Standard User to upgrade or install software without having complete Admin privileges.

In other words, a limited-admin (teenager) with privilege to do anything (i.e., not bugging parents with "admin login required"); anything but not having privilege to remove the main-admin (parent).


As in a 'Power User' concept. You might look @ the level @ which UAC is set.
Hit Windows Key, type UAC in Search > Change User Account Control Settings


Thanks, I will take a look.

Ok. You're welcome

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