Windows 7 partially reverts to factory after bsod

Hi guys,

[edit] Oops I forgot to add this, I am using Windows 7 home, 32 bit edition [/edit]

This is the second time it has happened to me. The first time was about a week ago. I got a bsod, and then when windows 7 was booting back up, it said it was restoring something about the desktop. It took about 4 minutes and then booted into my desktop. What I noticed was that about half my icons were missing, they were all lined up on the side, and all of my favorites in firefox and internet explorer were gone. A lot of my other windows 7 settings were also reverted to factory.

So I did a system restore and everything seemed fine. This was scary but I figured it was just a fluke.

Then this morning my girlfriend turned on my computer, and when I got up to look at it, the desktop was in the same state as last time the bsod happened, except I shut down my computer the night before without any errors, and it apparently booted too without errors (I am not 100% sure about this because I was not the one that booted it up, and the person that did said they didn't notice anything).

So now I am getting freaked out. I don't like all my stuff dissapearing / uninstalling, and now, even after a system restore, I had a project I am coding give me all kinds of filepath errors, even though system restore supposedly doesn't affect files (system files maybe)?

Has anyone experienced this? Or know a possible cause? Please let me know because I am getting nervous! :eek:

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I found out what the issue is

It happened to me a third time, but this time I noticed it signed me in as a temporary profile (even although I logged into my account with my password), and after a search, I noticed this was a fairly known issue from beta, and Microsoft has no idea why it is happening still on release. Boo :frown:

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