Windows 7: Past, Present and Future

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    It's like the old Super Bowl gag: "Hey, Microsoft, you just shipped Windows 7. What are you going to do next?" Except this time around, the answer has nothing to do with Disney World: "We're going to do it again." That, at least, was the message I received from the company at last week's Professional Developer Conference (PDC), Microsoft's occasional coming out show for developers.
    Of course, there are really multiple answers to this question, and related information about how it was that they got to this position in the first place. In this article, I'd like to discuss these issues, the how and why of Windows 7, where Microsoft is going next with its latest operating system and, more secretively, what the software giant's plans are for its next few Windows versions.
    Looking back at the development of Windows 7

    A year after its triumphant debut at PDC 2008, Windows 7 is, of course, complete and shipping to customers. There are lots of things one might discuss around the Windows 7 development process, but the most impressive aspects, I think, are that Windows 7 happened on schedule--literally within two weeks of an internal schedule Microsoft previously denied ever using--and encompasses in final form almost exactly the product that it had publicly promised.

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