Windows 7/PC issues need advice

i have searched the forum and havent found an answer to my question so this is my reason for posting

HP Desktop

Model # P6210Y

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS

6g ram(5.75 usable)

AMD Athalon II x4 620 Processor 2.60 GHz

So lately my computer just at random times decides it wants to run super slow, google crome crashes all the time and Firefox doesnt even seem to wana work anymore even after re-downloading and re-installin it.everytime i switch between windows it takes the computer sometimes 30 seconds to even 5 minutes to even process the command and switch. also when typing the text lags behind very bad, i type over 100 WPM and it takes the computer 5 minutes to insert a short sentence. the thing thats got me confused is it only runs like this every once and a while.

I have AVG 2011 and have ran every scan i could to find out if a virus or something was slowing it down but the pc's health checked out 100% clean

i also use a program called "crap cleaner" to fix registry issues and clean the cache's / unused files being stored in the background daily.

last but not least i went through all of windows 7's "diagnose and repair your pc"/ "check your pc's health" stuff and every single one of them found absolutely nothing wrong with my computer and says its running at full speed.

i do have a strong feeling sometype of malware or virus is causing the computer to run like this and my anti virus software just missed it but besides the software itself i am un aware of how to find or deal with a virus.

anyone have any advice for me that DOESNT involve a System Restore(i have no restore points set up stupid i know) or a reformatt of the entire hard drive?

Thanks in advanced for any help



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You might also open Task Manager and go to the process tab and click the Show processes from all users. Then click the top of the CPU column until the highest usage shows at the top. Watch if for a while to see if anything is showing high CPU usage.

While it is open, you might also watch the CPU graph to see how the CPU is doing.

i have tried the task manager solution before as well and nothing out of the ordinary shows up to me. running the 2 other programs now i will get back with an update

if i were you I would run a scan using Avira antivirus it is very good it found 2 pieces of malware on my pc which avg did not

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