Windows 7 performance hit on newly built pc

Hey all, thanks in advance for any advice you guys have.

Ok, so I had an old system with a 2.6 pentium D processor, 4 gigs of memory, running windows 7 pro 64 bit, and it was running fantastic. Well I decided to build a new system anyway and push the performance of windows 7 and the games I'd play, so I built a new system comprising of:

Asus P7P550D EVO motherboard
Core i7-860 2.8ghz
8 gigs pc3 8500 memory

Ok so my issue, is I built my new system, and installed windows 7 pro 64 bit on the new machine. When I got into windows, everything was SOOOO SLOW. It took avg 30-45 minutes to install, and that was the way it was with everything. Control panel took a while to come up, etc.

My question is, how does higher performing hardware run win7 worse than my old setup. Anyone know what's causing this, or how to fix it?

Side note, I updated the bios on my board and got updated drivers. Still no change. I've reinstalled win 7 3 times now on this current setup and doing the same thing each time.


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Are you absolutely certain the various items you choose were compatible?

I have a cheap $399.00 E-Machine dual-booting Windows t Pro and Vista 32 Home Edition.

Windows 7 flies.,. faster than all the RC's I've installed

Sorry to say,. but I think you have problems with the system you billy. not Windows 7

Looking at those specs there shouldn't be any compatibility or performance issues. Are you running a genuine version of Windows? Only reason I ask is cuz you are running pro, not home and just updated from a Pentium D. I could care less either way.

What vid card are you running?

Right click my comp, properties and update the Windows perfomrance index (or whatever it is exactly called) let us know what the scores are.

You may want to try turning off Aero.

Looking through the startup items - msconfig - and turn off any that you can manually start after bootup.

Hit CRTL + SHIFT + Delete and look through the processes to see if there is anything running that shouldn't be.

Turn off indexing/prefetch

You may want to get a USB thumb drive to have windows use to cache files for a boost.

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Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

Then click Edit Your Details.

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

Ok update: It seems as though things have sped up. Opening programs, navigating through windows, all of that works as it should now except for one thing: installations. ANYTHING I try to install takes an ungodly amount of time to complete. The installers open quickly as they should, but the actually installation takes incredibly too long. This goes for my antivirus, cyberlink, even installing nvidia drivers took WAY too long, yet opening programs, games, navigating through windows, and surfing the net are no problem whatsoever.

Yes, this is a legitimate copy of windows 7 pro, I always get a professional version of windows.

Thanks for the link for the sys info viewer but it is unneeded. I'm an IT Professional by trade, but this one just has me stumped and I needed another set of eyes so to speak.

My system is comprised of:

Intel Core i7-860
Asus P7P550D EVO
(8GB) 4X2GB stick of DDR3 - 1067
nVidia Geforce 8800GTX
Western Digital 160GB harddrive
Western Digital 250GB harddrive
Maxtor 500GB harddrive

Everything showed compatible with each other and windows 7 as well when purchased. I'm happy that the standard working speed of the system has come up to par, but still frustrated at the aspect of the overly long installation times.


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I think even you would be overwhelmed by the amount of information given in that program.

Glad to her it;s working better though.

Thanks! Me too! I just hope office doesn't take 3 hours to install...


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No install,. just copy files.

im still having the install issue going on. I just installed itunes\quicktime and it took almost 20 minutes... any ideas?

Joe S

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What are you using for antivirus and spyware? Some of those can slow down installs a lot. I just a few weeks ago installed Ultimate 64 bit and it took about 15 min.

Currently I'm using Avast! and malwarebytes, but that's irrelevant to to the fact that the installs were taking exceptionally long before my antivirus and spyware was installed on my system. When I first installed windows 7, the first thing I did was install any updated drivers and utilities that I wanted before my antivirus and spyware. For instance, when I installed my updated nvidia drivers, it took 15 minutes just to install that... Outrageous..

Like I said previously, the system seems to RUN fine. I can open programs, navigate, etc with no performance issues, but my installs take FOREVER to install. Also last night when I installed itunes on my system, it seemed to slow down the rest of the computer during it's process, although in the task manager, there was nothing eating up my cpu usage. I have the latest bios revision for my motherboard, and the latest chipset driver for my motherboard, ASUS P7P55D EVO. I heard in my research that some people claim to have issues with 7 and various chipsets, but never specified any. My motherboard uses the intel p55 chipset, does anyone know if there are issues with windows 7 and the p55 chipset?


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still having the install issue going on. I just installed itunes\quicktime and it took almost 20 minutes... any ideas?
Know that bloatware will certainly slow down your computer

I think everyone is still missing the point of the issue i'm having.. the system runs fine. perfectly.. unless i'm installing something. ONLY do installations cause issues. Also, it's not DUE to bloatware, as the installs took a long time BEFORE any sort of bloatware, like itunes, was placed on my system. Back to my original example, nvidia drivers. As soon as my windows 7 setup finished and i was let into windows for the first time, my nvidia driver was the FIRST THING I installed on the system, and it took at least 15 minutes to complete. This is before bloatware, antivirus, antispyware, before ANYTHING ELSE. That was the same for my audio drivers, chipset drivers, google chrome, etc. The issues i'm experiencing are not due to things that i have installed on my system, it was this way straight after installing windows. Also, as stated in i believe my first post, i've installed win 7 3 times on this particular system with the same issue, so it's not a botched install. there's something else going on.


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Then that would make it hardware related , don't you think?

but what piece of hardware is what is causing me grief. the parts i ordered were all compatible with each other and windows 7, and i cant place where the issue is coming. the only equipment not new, were the harddrives from my old system, a 160, a 250, and a 500, my dvd burner\blueray drive, and my video card nvidia 8800gtx. Is there a known issue with windows 7 any brand of harddrive in particular, or with any type of hardware?


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No, I don't see any either. Does anything show up in Device Manager with a yellow flag..

Have you checked the event logs for errors?

yes, no dings in device manager and nothing in the event logs. as far as windows is concerned the system is perfectly fine.


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How about taking out the hard drives except fr the Windows 7 installation.

Sorry, I meant to post this last night, but the forums were acting up on me. Anyhow, I tested by disconnecting my secondary drives, and even my bluray dvd drive (which was a new addition to the system) and there was still no change in the issue. I tested by trying to install Office 2007 ultimate (yes, legitimate copy) and when the copy process started my system literally went to a halt. After waiting 10 minutes with no progress on the install, I ended the process, which took forever as well, but once the setup was gone, my system went full speed ahead again, opening windows explorer, control panel, etc fast like it's supposed to. I just really don't get this.


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No offense, but you need to take care of the issue at hand before doing something like installing programs.

Have you unplugged all USB devices?

Could you post a sceen shot of Disk Management and drag the window slightly larger so we can see all drives.

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