Windows 7 plays games fine, except huge lag in sandbox and open world games

Hey everyone, I just got a new really nice PC for gaming. I first noticed the problem when i started playing Prototype. The game's graphics run completely fine, but every 30 seconds or so the game will freeze and then play again. I figured it was the graphics so it turned it completely down. and it still played terribly. Even on my lame old computer the game got at least a full frame rate at the lowest settings. Then I tried GTA 4 and the same problem. It's worst on Saints row 2. so i put in my old vista hard disk and i have them both in the same computer once to dual boot. On the Vista side, I can play all my games at full settings with no lag at all. But on the windows 7 side Sandbox games just play terribly, like it can't load the world fast enough to play. You can stand in one spot and everything fine, but as soon as you start moving throughout the world it keeps freezing. It wasn't just one game, it was all the sandbox games. So we thought it was the hard disk, which was a Hitachi Deskstar. We got a very nice Western Digital that was faster than my old one, and the problem is still there, so i can only assume it's Windows 7. I have Windows 7 64 bit and my vista was 32 bit. I'm not sure why it would do that only for sandbox games. I can even play Crysis at "very high settings" (after I modded it to fix some problems that make it play terribly on all computers) but for some reason sandbox games are just too much. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because it's really making my games unplayable and my old vista hard drive will be sold soon. Thanks for any help

It might be your RAM. I know that sandbox games and other games with large open areas can take from what I've seen atleast 2 GB of RAM. That's all I can think it could be.

It couldn't be because I'm playing the same games in the same computer with a different hard drive just fine. And I have 4 gigs of RAM. but I figured out what the problem was. I finally stumbled across a thread with someone with the same problem. It turns out that it was all because of this ASUS smart doctor thing that came with my video card. I uninstalled it and now EVERYTHING runs perfectly. I don't know why it screwed everything up but it did for multiple people so it looks like it's best to just stay away from ASUS software.

Glad you got everything working :)

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