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Apr 15, 2009
Windows 7 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit strategy). A leaked memo from a company partner revealed last week some price tags for upgrade editions of Windows 7.

“Starting June 26 there will be a presell of select versions of Windows 7on - $49.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, and $99.99 for Windows 7 Professional Upgrade. This will be available for 16 days through July 11, 2009. Once Windows 7 releases, the software will be shipped directly to customers,” reads a BestBuy memo, courtesy of Engadget.

The prices mentioned in the document certainly beat Vista's, but the reference to the limited period of availability might in fact point out that a special offering is at fault, and that the final pricing policy will not have these features. Microsoft has failed to confirm or deny the validity of the information, or to comment in any

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