Windows 7 PRO and Ubuntu 12.10 Dual Boot Problem


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Feb 17, 2013
Okay, did a clean swipe of HDD and installed Windows 7 PRO with no problem - everything working fine. Then "appear" to have installed Ubuntu 12.10 alongside Windows. When I start the computer, I have the choice of either selecting Windows or Ubuntu. When I select Windows, I have NO PROBLEMS. However, when I select Ubuntu, I get the following error message and need to know how to fix:

Windows failed to start and you must either:

1. Install Windows install disk
2. Choose your language
3. Click repair

Status: 0Xc0000098

Selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

So, thoughts on how to get Ubuntu to launch when I chose? Know there is something I am missing.......I believe the loader is looking for the file \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr????
I guess something was wrong with the Ubuntu install. Did you correctly set up both the partitions (main and swap) for ubuntu and point to them during the install? Best thing may be to boot into Windows, remove all partitions for Ubuntu. Run a startup repair for Windows to correct the mbr to a single Windows install. Create the partitions for Ubuntu and reisntall it.

Not trying to be a smartA$$, but could you give me some step-by-step things to do - not a complete newb, but don't want to mess chit up anymore than they are!
1. Boot into Windows, goto Control Panel, administrative tools, computer management, storage, disk management.

2. Remove all partitions except the Windows partition.

3. Boot from the Windows dvd and run a startup repair. This will replace the Ubuntu boot manager with a Windows one.

4. Reboot the machine and check that it boots into Windows with no remaining trace of the Ubuntu boot.

5. Go back into disk management as described at 1.

6. Create two new partitions for Ubuntu - you should assign at least 10Gb for the main Ubuntu installation and a partition of about 1.5 times the amount of ram in your pc for a "swap" partition. Make a note of the approximate sizes of the two partitions so they are easily identifiable during step 7.

7. Boot from your Ubuntu disk and work carefully through the install process making sure that you assign the correct partitions to main and swap areas.

Job done!
Okay, here is what it looks like:

Volume Layout Type File System Status Capacity Space %Free Fault Tolerance Overhead
Simple Basic Healthy (EFI System Partition) 100MB 100MB 100 NO 0%
Simple Basic Healthy (Primary Partition) 4.66GB 4.66GB 100 NO 0%
(C:) Simple Basic NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition) 232.83GB 205.68GB 88 NO 0%
(E:) Simple Basic Raw Healthy (Primary partition) 476MB 476MB 100 NO 0%
(F:) Simple Basic Raw Healthy (Primary partition) 93.13GB 93.13GB 100 NO 0%
(E:) Simple Basic Raw Healthy (Primary partition) 139.70GB 139.70GB 100 NO 0%

So, do I need to delete everything but the EFI and NTFS partition? Then put the Ubuntu disk in and try again?

Please give me step-by-step as still learning here! Would like to get this right and not mess up again!
You've got two drives E? Whatever they are you can rid o the E, and E paritions. The numbered list I gave you earlier is about as step by as it gets.
Should be drive G, which E, F, and G are virtual, I believe. So I get rid of them by doing what? Taking the size down to zero and then it becomes free space? And, then follow your steps? Again, want to do this correct and be able to boot Windows when I want and Ubuntu when I want
okay, when I setup patitions, one for swap and other for "/" or "boot" = want to be sure I set correctly

also, did start-up repair using the Windows DVD - and when I rebooted Ubuntu 12.10 was still in the startup as a choice?
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