Windows 7 Pro, Install freezes on first blue-green screen

Hi, I saw this title in the Vista install section, but there didn't seem to be any solution, so I'm asking again here.

I'm attempting to install Windows 7 64-bit dual booting with XP 32-bit. XP is on its own partition, and I'm installing Windows 7 on a separate hard-drive anyway, so that won't be any problem.

Now, I first tried installing straight on XP from a usb, but it won't even let me open the setup saying "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running".

So, then I restarted the computer, setting the bios to boot from DVD. It booted fine, and went past the black screen as well, loading all the setup from disc and stuff. Then there's a microsoft logo screen, before it goes into a blue-green windows 7 screen.

After a few seconds, the white pointer comes up, and then nothing else happens. The DVD driver isn't running either (at least, the light's off, and I can't hear anything). It just stops there.


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Every hardware set is a little different.
I have had to wait as long as 25 minutes for that screen to advance to the next step before on certain laptops.
Just go get something to eat or watch a show on TV, it will eventually advance.

Not sure it's the same thing- the bloody install won't even start. If it was on the setup steps it'd be just going slow- here it isn't going at all.
Oh well, worth a try I guess, don't have much else to do on my computer atm :p. I needed to catch up on my summer reading anyhow.


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