I'm a rookie here and I'm having a few problems, but not sure if this is the place to ask about it. One is in Outlook 2007 and the other is with my sound volume speaker and backup problem.
Is there a Outlook 2007 forum?

Problem 1:
In outlook 2007 when I'm working thru emails and etc, the program constantly stops and says it's not responding, wait a few minutes and it starts again. This happens a bunch, so does anyone have a clue to the problem?

Problem 2:
If I'm playing a .PPS file and I click it off before it finishes, my volume sound puts out a loud screeching noise and I have to open up the volume icon and click on the volume level to make it stop. This has been like this since it was new. Running a HP Pro Book 4510s laptop, windows pro 7-64 bit, but not sure how to find out the Office software version, but I think it's Office Pro 2007. I updated the sound card drivers once and it seemed to solved the problem, but it's back doing it again...All is up to date as far as I can tell.

Problem 3:
I'm having a backup issue and i'm getting errors saying not completed. I think it's related to the external hard drive i'm running, but not sure how to determine this., but if i go to reboot, the system will not restart until i disconnect the USB hub cable that goes to the external HD and printers...then it will restart normally and then I can reconnect the USB cable back in and all works OK until the next time it tries to backup, which is once a week!

Any help on the above three problems would be great...sorry I'm only a computer novice!

John Young

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