Windows 7 Pro x64 and wifi problems


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Hi there,
at the start I would like to thanks for any reply and suggestions u will give me, and apologize for my pure english.

I installed Windows 7 Professional x64bit few days ago.
Everything was nice and awsome till I needed to connect to Internet ;) As allways whe have to get troubles :D

I connected my PC via LAN Cable to the router after installing Win7. I downloaded all supported drivers from Windows Update and I was realy happy that there were working drivers for my EDIMAX EW-7326Ig wifi card. And after unconnect my cable I turned on my wifi. First problem I solved by restarting router. And it helps only for few minutes. After that all Disconnection starts.

Internet connection works fine for few minutes and than I get disconnect and shows information about The troubleshooter's results are "The DNS Server is not responding." Because it lost connection with router.

I was trying a lot of things. Changed router options and security/ switched drivers xp/vista. Nothing.
So till this moment I have working internet with randomly DC, that also make randomly long time ping (from normal ~24/25ms to the provider and Google to ~200ms and above). And sometimes after turning on my PC I am unable to make any connection with my router. Wifi card can't find any networks.

Few more info:
My PC: Windows 7 Professional x64 bit PL, AMD Phenom II x2 550 3,1GHz, 4Gb Ram DDRIII 1,333MHz, HDD Segate 500GB 7200 RPM, wifi card is Edimax EW-7326ig and LAN card is Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

My router: D-Link DI524 SSID broadcast enabled, automatic DHCP, Security WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK

My Internet Provider: Dialog Telecom, 6mb/s : ping to the main server (~40km) ~24/25ms

My network: Connected 3 PC's. My with Win7, 2 more with XP. They've been turned off on the tests. And I can say that my IP never was more than 150ms when browsing internet and my gmail account...) ofc~ tests were made at 2:00 a.m. when the connection with provider server is the lowest (in the meaning of other client internet use).

About PC: I use Eset Smart Security 4 (turned it on/off/changed firewall options/turning them off etc~) and same with Windows Firewall.

If need more details post here.

Yours~ napi

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64-bit compatiblility

The only thing I can say (and mind you I work on multiple PC's with similar issues on a day-to-day basis), you ABSOLUTELY have to check compatibility with your Hardware, and your OS platform. There are hacks and cracks to make softwares work in places they are not native to (A-CAD 2 on windows 7 ?!?!, but its working!), but hardware is an entirely different story. I would suspect from your list that your wifi card may not be compatible with specifically Win7 Prox64. I've seen similar issues where the driver is built, and supposedly works, but you get weird things going on, like the device will not enable, or it will not Tx/Rx, or the radio is fine, but it can't see any networks. Have you tried using a newer wifi card, like 802.11n technologies, where (on the box) it is listed to be compatible with Windows 7 and 64-bit OS's? Give it a whirl. While your at it, try a new router as well. usually after about 2 years or so, wifi radios can degrade and burn out slowly, and you''ll start to see similar issues to what you have. Try Netgear or Linksys (my preferred brands), wifi N, with a Wifi N card, you'll be rockin and rollin, buddy.


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everything is working fine now - made it working fine few days after I wrot it here.

I just set my radio on channel 13 (2,5 mhz frequency) and
I just installed old version of REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility and run it under admin rights and win xp sp2 compatibility :)
but thx ;D

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