Windows 7 problem: Restarts after 1st boot!

Here’s the thing, I recently purchased my 1st built

INTEL Core i5 750
GSKILL DDR3 2x 2gb PC 1333
APC PSU battery

Then we installed windows 7 with no hitch. I installed the drivers that came w/ the motherboard, then downloaded the latest driver for ATI which is 10.1.

Now here’s where the problem starts.

After the 1st day we had installed windows 7, I was playing games like crazy! I even finished Modern Warfare 2 in 10 hours, Hardened mode. Now after playing for a whole day non-stop, I shut down my computer like any other normal person would do when they’re done.

Then next day came, I turned on my pc and It booted w/out a hitch and went straight to my desktop. No less than 15min later it RESTARTED by itself and I was welcomed with a “Windows recovery error, windows was not shut down properly” or something like that. Then there was an option on whether to start windows 7 on safe mode w/ or w/out network or start windows 7 normally. So I chose “Start windows 7 normally” and it lead me back to my desktop. I didn’t give much mind to it since I probably thought it was just a random crash since I haven’t updated windows 7.

So I did update windows 7 automatically but for some reason it didn’t help. My computer RESTARTS AFTER ITS 1ST BOOT! And the weird thing is, it only happens once every single day! And after that, it’s fine. No crashes all throughout the day. But the random RESTART happens every single day when we 1st turn on the computer. It’s like it’s a part of the process! and I am always greeted by the “System recovery error, windows was not shut down properly” but I know for a fact that I always shut down the computer properly. There are no log of error that I’m seeing. I haven’t seen the BSOD also, so I’m not sure what’s the cause of that.

Did I do anything wrong? Am I missing something?

It’s really confusing.

Here's a video link of what I'm talking about:


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