Windows 7. Problem with <ProfilesDirectory> in unattended instalation


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We are experiencing problems with Unattended instalation of Windows 7. Everything works fine except the <ProfilesDirectory> field which "change the location"/rename of USER and ProgramFiles folders from C:. First we try to move USERS do d:\ drive.
< ProfilesDirectory > D:\Userss </ ProfilesDirectory >
< ProfilesDirectory > G:\Userss </ ProfilesDirectory >
< ProfilesDirectory > F:\Userss </ ProfilesDirectory >

We tried those disk names because windows give first available letter to first disc that he mount. We are using CD, FLASH DRIVE... so when the instalation begin CD is C:\, flash drive is D:\ and so one and so one.

After failure of above examples we try also
< ProfilesDirectory > %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProfileTEST </ ProfilesDirectory >

This example also didin't work. If any one have similar problems ? :confused: