Windows 7 problems with pull down menus, links, and tabs

Ok, I am having an issue with win 7. I have had everything working great for the past 5 months or so with the OS, but now all of a sudden, I am having problems with links and tabs. I click on them and they are just not active at all, on any software in the system. I click on bookmarks, or links and nothing happens. Pull down menus are inactive, and tabs don't seem to work. Firefox seems ok, but IE8 and normal windows functions are just not working correctly. I'm not sure if some sort of software overwrote the system, but it is not virus based, at least not according to Malwarebytes and Norton 360 4.0. I need help as this is something I cannot seem to find on the net, or figure out on my own.
Thanks in advance everyone.



You may have inadvertently answered your own question by posting basic info, like you've done.

I would boot to safe mode + networking and use the tool found at the following link to remove Norton:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Please keep us informed as there will be other suggestions if needed. I'd say as a guess, that has a 70% chance of being the culprit.

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Captain Jack

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Hey guys, thanks for the response. I did do the uninstall on Norton and it's still the same. I reinstalled java and still nothing. I try and rerun win 7 as an upgrade and it says it cannot reinstall because of Google toolbar, problem is, I don't have Google toolbar. Normally I can figure this stuff out but I'm stumped. I hope my first post made sense. I don't know what I might have done to make links, pull down menus and tabs non working on my computer.


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Solutions for non working links in IE: (Read all the way down)
Links in will not open a new window or tab in Windows 7 IE8

Try reseting IE settings:
Reset Internet Explorer In Windows 7 |
Reset Internet Explorer 7 settings

Uninstall and reinstall IE (Not recomended so much so do a system backup first)

Use IE fixes:
Fix Or Repair Corrupted Internet Explorer 8, 7 & 6 with Fix IE Utility
Why Guick Tabs in the Internet Explorer 7 don't work after upgrade - Technology Questions

I am assuming it's just a problem with IE? I didn't fully understand from your post if it was.

Hey, thanks for the answer. The problem is not only with IE but with windows in general. The only thing not buggy is firefox for some reason. Everything else is having issues with pull downs, tabs and links. Sorry for the confusion.

I did see the long thread on IE8 but they only seem to have the problem with the browser, not the entire computer.

Captain Jack

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I did see the long thread on IE8 but they only seem to have the problem with the browser, not the entire computer.
So what pulling down main your talking ? Which link other than the ones in IE ? You could post a screenshot ?

Yeah I can do that. Hold on, give me about 30 min to set it all up for screenshots.

Ahhhhhh. You're not going to believe this but I think the IE fix utility fixed everything. It's still a tad buggy but it is getting better, or so it seems. Really weird. I will post back top let you all know how this is. Thanks so much for the help guys.

Well no, it didn't fix anything. It's still bad.


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Can you explain what Captain Jack asked? What pull down menus? Are you talking about when you are in Windows Explorer and click on "File", "Edit", etc...? (Or in any other application)?
What links are you talking about other then IE?
What tabs are you talking about?

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