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Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I want to share some issues I encounter during my Windows 7 64bit experience on my ASUS laptop.
  • When I try to start Windows Media Center it always crashes however I can hear its sound but it displays a message saying Windows Media Center stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution.
  • No file associated with Windows Photo Viewer can be opened by either double clicking on it or from right clicking on it and using the open with ... command. I might use alternate solutions however I want to resolve this issue.
  • In Windows 7 Media Player I can see other peoples libraries and I am unable to find a setting in which I can disable this feature so that others can not see my library too.
  • Windows 7 system protection fails when I try to adjust the disk percentage associated with system restore giving the error 0x8007007B .(the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.)
I need to come up with a solution for these problems as soon as possible without formatting or reinstalling Windows 7 because I do not have a disc available except backup disks which are pretty outdated. I did a SFC scan resulting without any error.
I am including screen shots and dxdiag data for better understanding of the problem any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance



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I do not really recognize a scenario that might lead to a solution, but is there any chance some of your media files might be corrupted? Maybe media center is trying to open a file in a library and encountering problems. I think I remember seeing some folks having problems if a folder or files was linked inside a library to another folder.

For media player, are you running a homegroup, or do you mean on one computer? Are the other users Admin users on the same computer? Perhaps some sharing or sync settings could be adjusted.

Sorry I can't read many of your attachments.

I am the only user of the computer and have all the admin rights however I can not find where to change the sharing and privacy settings. I remember that I have repartioned my operating system drive could this cause the issue?

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